Environmental Annual 2018

Cover of 2018 Site Annual Environmental Report

Entire Report (3.1M)

The 2018 report is presented here. Previous annual reports, beginning in 1994, are also available (see Report Archive).


Appendix A and D contain links to the documents that are listed in these appendices. If you download the report (or just these appendices) to your hard drive, the links will function only if you also download the linked files to the same folder on your hard drive.

Report sections

Title page (121K)

Preface (120K)

Executive Summary (226K)

Chapter 1: Introduction (493K)

Chapter 2: Compliance Summary (363K)

Chapter 3: Environmental Program Information (325K)

Chapter 4: Air Monitoring Programs (537K)

Chapter 5: Water Monitoring Programs (1M)

Chapter 6: Terrestrial Monitoring (3M)

Chapter 7: Groundwater Investigation and Remediation (238K)

Chapter 8: Quality Assurance (388K)

References (210K)

Acronyms and Glossary (225K)

Appendix A: Data Tables 197K)

Appendix B: EPA Methods of Water Analysis (275K)

Appendix C: Wildlife Survey Results (298K)

Appendix D: Extra Resources (264K)

Appendix E: Errata (138K)