Latest Report

The 2022 report is presented here. Previous annual reports, beginning in 1994, are also available (see Report Archive).

Report sections

Title page


Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Compliance Summary

Chapter 3: Environmental Program Information

Chapter 4: Air Monitoring Programs

Chapter 5: Water Monitoring Programs

Chapter 6: Terrestrial Monitoring

Chapter 7: Groundwater Investigation and Remediation

Chapter 8: Quality Assurance


Acronyms and Glossary

Appendix A: Data Tables

Appendix B:  Wildlife Survey Results

Appendix C: Extra Resources

Appendix D: Errata

Appendix E: Percentage of In-Control Duplicate Pairs for Field Collocated Samples

Appendix F: Number of Samples Collected with Valid Analytical Results versus Planned